Dull buffed

An abrasive finish with a unidirectional grain generally produced with an aluminium oxide abrasive with an approximate grit of 180. Surface is smoother than Coarse Ground but not as fine as other finishes in our range.

On standard cold rolled sheet a Dull Buffed finish would produce a surface roughness of approximately 1.25µm Ra conforming to the BS EN 10088-2 2J Finish. Under the old BS 1449 Part 2 specification this was a 3B finish.

We can apply a Dull Buffed finish onto the following products:

Sheet, Plate, Flat & Square bar, Square & Rectangular tube, Blanks, Coil, Lasercut profiles

Please be aware that the above refers to the finish produced on cold rolled sheet. On other products different readings may result depending on the performance of the substrate.