Ultrabright Polish

A reflective finish produced with mops and compounds rather than with abrasive media. An UltraBright finish is more reflective than a Bright Polished finish but not as reflective as an UltraMarine finish.

With an exceptional low Ra as well as good reflectivity this is suitable for extreme environments, such as Marine, where the low Ra and absence of grain means there are less areas for contaminates to sit. It is also excellent for architectural purposes.

An UltraBright finish does not remove any surface stock or defects and the substrate should be chosen accordingly. It can be applied onto either 2B or 2R (bright annealed) sheet only.

On standard mill produced sheet the surface has reflectivity at approximately 61% > 63% taken at 60 degrees and a surface roughness of approximately 0.05µm Ra conforming to the BS EN 10088-2 2P Finish.

We can apply an UltraBright finish onto Sheet.